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When it really matters, we know you want news you can count on. That’s the basis for the founding of the Brownsville Press. Providing you local, factual, timely news is why we’re here. But we also think presenting our hometown with lots of worthwhile information is fun. We should know, we’ve been involved with news reporting here since 1978. The Brownsville Press is a weekly newspaper for Haywood County, published every Wednesday.

Our goal is to connect the people of Haywood County to the events that define our lives. We write the news, and we provide commentary on the important issues in our lives with editorial opinion. You can express your views in our Letters to the Editor section. Our features include in-depth coverage of important news topics and feature pieces about people, places and things you want to know more about. We share the stories of the people we represent and the journey we’re all on together.

We’re a small team here at the Brownsville Press, but we’ve got a big vision and even bigger hearts for our community.

The Brownsville Press is owned by Brownsville Publishing Company, which is wholly owned by Wireless Group Inc. Wireless Group, founded in 1978 by Lyle Reid and Carlton Veirs, owns WTBG (95.3 Brownsville Radio). The company publishes Mid-South Hunting & Fishing News and owns an interest in Fishing Tackle Retailer, the country’s only business-to-business magazine serving the tackle industry. A subsidiary of the company published the Brownsville States-Graphic from 1984 to 2000. In 2017, the Brownsville Press purchased the Brownsville States-Graphic and merged the two newspapers. We continue to serve Haywood County with the local news its citizens deserve.

Wireless Group owns Exact Marketing, a digital marketing firm producing ad campaigns for businesses in its local markets and across the United States. The company manages a number of Internet sites.