JANUARY 25, 2021 @ 6:P.M.
Allen King Justice Complex
(Telephone Conference Only!)

1. Call to Order
2. Calling of the Roll
3. Prayer Commissioner: Mayor David Livingston
4. Pledge of Allegiance: Attorney Michael Banks
5. Approval of Minutes
6. Reports of Officials
A. County Mayor
B. County Trustee
C. Board of Education
D. Highway Department
7. Report of Standing Committees
A. Education: Commissioners Eubanks
B. Solid Waste: Commissioner Stanley
C. Public Safety: Commissioner OíQuinn
D. Budget: Commissioner Richmond
8. New Business: Consider passage of the following:
A. Resolution regarding Electronic Participation
B. Authority to execution Employer Contribution
Rate Certification
C. Reconsider Purchase Agreement and request
to execution
D. Resolution to adopt Booking Fees
E. Approval of County Road List
F. Purchase option regarding Silicon Ranch and
request for authority to execution
G. Budget Amendments
9. Purchase Air Packets- County Fire Department
H. Declare certain equipment and/or vehicles
surplus (See attached Ven#)
I. Appointments
10. Appointment of Dr. Sue McElrath to
Planning Board
11. Appointment to Central Dispatch-
James Farrington
10. Other Business (any and all other business
recommended by Committee vote or otherwise)
11. Mayor Comments
A. Presentation of Certificate of Appreciation
B. Additional Mayoral Comments ó
Healthy Haywood
12. Call of the Districts
13. Adjournment