According to Ordinance #651, this ordinance set forth requirements on how materials should be prepared for curb side pickup by the Brownsville Sanitation and Street Departments.
GRASS: Clippings must be bagged at all times before being placed for curb pickup.
MOWER CLIPPINGS: Which are blown in the street must be swept up and bagged.
LEAVES: Leaves can be placed at the curb side unbagged from October 1 through March 31. All leaves must be bagged for curb pick-up from April 1 through September 30.
BRUSH & LIMBS: Brush/limbs must be placed at the curb side separate from all other materials. Brush/limbs must be no longer than (8) feet in length and (12) inches in diameter.
Curb side pick-up is for individual pick-up of personal property and debris. This includes small limbs, brush, bags and most furniture and appliances. The city DOES NOT pick up bricks, concrete items, vehicle parts, trees or any individual or contractor construction waste.