Notice of Found Property
City of Brownsville

The City of Brownsville has acquired several handguns and long guns that were found either by civilians or officers.  If you feel that you have any interest in any of these weapons please contact Lt. Mark Covington at the Brownsville Police Dept., no later than 4:30 pm on Feb. 07, 2020.  You must show serial number of the weapon in question and a picture ID.

The following list are as followed:


(2) Taurus Rugers

(2) Smith & Wesson (2) Kel-Tech

Hi-Point Titan

Sentinel (Hi standard) Rossi

Dan Wesson Arms Trejo


Long guns

Revelation Harrington/Richardson

JC Higgins Norinco

Westield/Westernfield Mass arms

Benjamin N. R. Davis & Sons