WHEREAS, by Deed of Trust dated March 9, 2018, and recorded on March 15, 2018, appearing of record in Record Book 161, page 245, in the Registerís Office of Haywood County, Tennessee, NINA FAYE DICKERSON conveyed to DAVID PRINCE, TRUSTEE, certain real estate therein described, to secure the payment of a certain indebtedness therein set forth to INSOUTH BANK; and
WHEREAS, default was made in the payment of the indebtedness secured by the Trust Deed, and INSOUTH BANK the lawful holder of the note evidencing the indebtedness declared the entire balance due and payable; and
WHEREAS, Charles C. Exum was appointed Successor Trustee by instrument appearing of record in Record Book 185, page 5 in the Registerís Office of Haywood County, Tennessee.
NOW, THEREFORE, notice is hereby given that on May 29, 2020 at 1:00 P.M. at the front door of the Court House in Brownsville, Tennessee, I will sell to the last, highest and best bidder for cash or for credit bid against the secured debt, and free from any and all right of homestead, equity of redemption, statutory right of redemption, and all other rights and exemptions of every kind, including, but not limited to, a statutory right to an elective share in the property, all of which were waived in the deed of trust, the following real estate lying and being in the 7th Civil District of Haywood County, Tennessee, and more particularly described as follows:
BEGINNING at a stake on the south side of College Street, said stake being located about the south bank of south road ditch on said street, is 111.1 feet from the center line of Bond Street and 28.5 feet from the south edge of the concrete walk on the north side of College Street, in the north boundary line of the old Ware lot, formerly owned by John W. Moses, of which lot this is a part, and being the northeast corner of a lot now belonging to John W. Keathley and wife, Irene H. Keathley, and runs thence south along the east boundary line of said Keathley lot, 126 feet to a stake, being the southeast corner of said Keathley lot; thence South 89 degrees and 48 minutes East 94 feet to a stake; thence North 127 feet parallel with Bond Street to a stake on the south side of College Street; thence west with the south side of College Street 95 feet to the point of beginning, and being part of and taken from a lot or parcel of land purchased by Howard Powell from John W. Moses, et al.
Being the same lot or parcel of land conveyed to Nina Faye Dickerson by deed of Jeffery Tippett by deed recorded in Deed Book 268, page 578, Registerís Office of Haywood County, Tennessee.
Map 75D, Group L, Parcel 8.00
Description taken from Record Book 161, page 245 in the Registerís Office of Haywood County, Tennessee. No opinion is as to the accuracy of the legal description.
The street address of the property is 812 East College Street, Brownsville, TN 38012.
Said property will be sold by me as Successor Trustee only and subject to any unpaid taxes and assessments and all valid restrictions, covenants or easements, if any, of record on said property, and subject to any and all other liens having priority over the Trust Deed. The Successor Trustee reserves the right to make oral announcements at the time of the public sale which shall apply to the terms of the sale. The Successor Trustee may postpone any sale hereunder to another time or place by so announcing to all present at the time and place of the sale scheduled herein, without the necessity of any further notice whatsoever.
INTERESTED PARTIES: Nina Faye Dickerson.
/s/ Charles C, Exum
Charles C. Exum, Successor Trustee
Rainey, Kizer, Reviere & Bell, P.L.C.
105 South Highland
Jackson, TN 38301