It is the policy of Crestview Healthcare and Rehabilitation to admit and to treat all patients without regard to race, color, gender, national origin or disability. There is no distinction in eligibility for, or in the manner of, providing any patient service by or through this facility. All patients will be addressed by courtesy titles unless it can be docu≠mented that they prefer being addressed otherwise. 
All persons and organizations having occasion to either refer patients for admission or to recommend patients:to the nursing home are advised to do so without regard to a patientís race, color, gender, national origin or disability. This facility, in compliance with Title VI or the Civil Rights Act of 1 964 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1 973, us non-discriminatory in its admission policy with regard to race, color, gender, national origin or disability. Medical records, services and physical facilities are available to patients without discrimination to race, color, gender, national origin or disability. Physician privileges are granted on a non-discriminatory basis. 
The physician facility is accessible to all patients, visitors, and representatives of the public, including individuals with disabilities and individuals using service animals. Trearfnent is provided for all patients at the intermediate and skilled levels of care regardless of the type of disability. Special provisions have been made for the hearing impaired and the blind. The facility welcomes inquires from qualified persons with disabilities seeking employment. 
Patients have the right to choose or change their personal physician. The patient and/ or responsible party will be advised of this option. The facility has policies and procedures to insure that the healthcare of each patient is under the continuing supervision of a physician. 
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